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{Class Participant}
"It is not the location, room environment or the information being presented in a class that provides the expansion of peace and inspiration, it directly emanates from Dipali. And the rest follows."  ~ S

Words cannot adequately express how much you have helped me (and my entire family). With your kind and gentle, non-judgmental, supportive wisdom and guidance, we have moved through difficult times, processed and released emotions, and healed. As for me in particular, you have helped me love better, judge less, and forgive more. I also feel like my faith is being restored. I know I can and will be able to flow with life no matter what is thrown my way. Our years of working together are truly the definition of life changing and for that I am so deeply grateful. With love, admiration and thanks, ~MN

Hi Dipali,
I want to take a moment to express how grateful I am to be doing this work with you. It's not possible to express how much I have gained from working with you and having the benefits of your gifts and kindness and presence in my life. My world seemed like a very dark place when we we chose to work together not that long ago. Through the energy balancing combined with the counseling, so much in me has healed and I can see the world of light and love that we all live in. Your guidance has helped me be open to seeing it. I am grateful for your presence in my life and how your energy, patience and kind effort has allowed me to experience this joy. ~S. M.

Hi Dipali, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so amazing and your support on this journey is truly appreciated. You make it so easy for me to go through things. You are a blessing. Your work is amazing and so I will do everything to support you in the best possible way I can. ~ S.G.

Hi Dipali, just wanted to let you know I found our session really helpful (transformational in fact) and love working with you. I feel you have an incredible gift, combining your astrological expertise with your intuitive talents – working with you is really helping me to understand myself (and the path I have chosen) on a much deeper level. With gratitude,. ~ G.E.

Dear Dipali, After having an energy balancing and healing session, within two days my lower back pain completely went away. I did feel some emotions cleansing out a day after (as you said it may) but this was a good thing for me, I really needed this. Now, I feel more free, lighter inside the heart and deeply relaxed. The lower part of the bodyand low back feels normal again and I'm able to fully move without tenderness and pain there. I don't know much about energy work and healing, but through this powerful experience, I do know it works! Thank you so much for being a wonderful channel for healing. ~ D.L.

Hi Dipali, I just wanted to thank you so much for the session. It was helpful, powerful, gentle, loving and I felt the transmission of grace. Many insights were coming to me afterwards. Thank you so much, and I anticipate contacting you agin in the future. ~ G.B.

Wow, the effects of having a reading from you are powerful. I have moved through the problems I've been having... Thanks for your guidance; so glad to have found you!~ S.M.

Thank you Dipali for your deep wisdom, divine guidance and open heart! You are   amazing, I highly recommend that anyone looking for "Shift' , perspective and love call Dipali for an appointment!! ~ J.B.

Hi Dipali, Thank you again for the wonderful meditation last night. I truly feel such a difference. I was completely out of sorts, confused, anxious and scared. I felt like a lost soul. This morning, I woke up feeling positive energy, very little anxiety with the desire to really learn, grow & transform myself. I can't thank you enough and I am thankful that my best friend recommended you. ~ Blessings J.

I don't know where to begin! As a staunch believer in the "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" philosophy, I know I've been working my way to this exact place, just like I worked my way to all the other exact places at the exact right times. What you have done  for me today is beyond words. You, in effect, confirmed everything I've been feeling, sensing and ultimately believing/trusting to be so. My deepest, inner knowing, was validated. Confirmed, by you. You knew all this about me. You were so on point, I almost felt as if I was in a dream. In addition to just hearing all that you shared, I am so grateful for the help in knowing HOW to work in tandem with all that's taking place inside/around me. Thank you for the AMAZING work you do! Many blessings, hugs and lots of love, -- L.J.

I really wanted to thank you for the great sessions (working with the Alignment Package) by far that felt like the most refreshing for this whole year! You have truly opened my heart, and soul with your positive energy, and phenomenal insight! I am excited, and looking forward to put energy into more practical way, and more so looking forward to working with you after today! 
~ M.M.

» [Review regarding Dipali's Astrology Blog] Celestial Space Astrology Blog: 

Dear Dipali, I just came across your website through Google search - Thank You Universe - in the search for information regarding the energies I'm feeling as we are approaching this full moon phase and also the 11-11-11, with all the crazy talk surrounding that date, and I am so pleased with the work that you put together and share on your website. It touched me right to my inner core and trust it's what I needed at this very moment to direct me on a productive path. Thank you again. ~ Anna-Marie H.

 » [Review regarding Dipali's Astrology Blog] Celestial Space Astrology Blog: 

Dear Dipali,Please accept my humble greetings. I couldn’t help but comment on your outstanding writing style. There are many bloggers and writers on the net doing astrology columns, but your use of words, and your ability to convey powerful concepts in simple, direct terms make your posts very rewarding and inspiring. Thank you very much for your enormous contributions, and may all your endeavors thrive. Peace and Wellness to you and yours, Namaste ~ J

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This site by Dipal Desai is serenity on a page. The visitor is enfolded in an almost palpable sense of love, acceptance, and nurture. The narratives read like the soothing voice inside your head–and that’s a very good thing! ~ J.D
 I just finished reading your article "Transforming the Box" I thought is was fantastic and I would like to post it on my web site. My readers would truly enjoy your article ~ M.T , Healthy Holistic Living

 » [Review about Dipali's Website] 

I came by your web site while 'intuitively surfing' this morning, and wanted to let you know that I think it's just lovely - both visually and through the vibration of the information you share through written word. I'll enjoy looking through more thoroughly, and sharing your web address with kindreds whom I know will enjoy it as well. Wishing you brilliant blessings and joy.  Sincerely, J. W.

Just wanted to let you know that I received notice today that I got the Team Lead postion…wow! You were right on about that !!! You were also right on about….. this past weekend with B. He wanted to start planning and thinking about getting married. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to nail the interview and win the job. Believe it or not before I ever started working here you told me that I would get a promotion over someone else that had been here longer. ~ S.B.

I have to tell you that after taking your last (Meditation) class, I have not wanted to drink alcohol. Everyday when I would get home from work I would have 1-2 beers before going to bed. Now I have almost no desire for it and the taste is not the same....I feel like a different person. ... I really like your classes and want to learn more. ~ W.L.

Thank you for the class last night. My eyes were again opened to something more and I appreciate you for delivering that to me. As I again tune into my awareness and growth, I am thankful that spirit led me to you, and I look forward to attending more of your classes in the near future for continued expansion! ~ H. M.

Thank you for working with me last week. I found the session to be extremely informative and helpful. Your unique ability to cut to the core as well as provide the outer details enables the space for true growth. The work you do is truly a gift, thank you. ~J.J. (singer/artist)

Dearest Dipali, your reply to JLO question in the Ask Dipali section of your blog, has reassured and encouraged me too. Of course, I don’t share JLO’s birth chart and all, but I too have taken on a big change, leaving work, my flat, friends family and lovers behind, to go and live in a different country.

There are moments that I am connected to how blessed and loved I am by All That Is, or Love Supreme, as I call it, yet recently I find more often myself in a place of uncertainty, alienation, loss, disconnection. I find myself giving less time to journalling, speaking to God, and relapse into unconsciousness…

…and I can’t believe I bumped into this writing of yours, that wasn’t even intended for me, yet I recognize in your words the universe reaching out to help once again. Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart Dipali, utter respect to you, and God bless you JLO, you are not alone! ~ C. C.

Thanks Dipali… this is exactly what I am experiencing now…personal, spiritually level. I have been thinking very deeply about my family (parent and siblings) and path that I am walking on… your reading definitely clearing up some doubts that have been blurring my vision…thanks so much. I hope I could attend your course one day ..astrology and spiritual work. Thanks again. ~ C. P.F

It is so great how you explain things because it is very easy to follow what you're saying as well as learn. ~ B. S.

Dear Dipali, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your words are so beautiful and reassuring. I feel uplifted after reading them and feel like your wisdom has helped ground me and remind me that it’s after the most difficult lessons that the biggest blessings arrive. I have to admit, even the past week has felt better and I feel more of a sense of direction and confidence, which your words have helped confirm.

Thank you for your beautiful and insightful words. I appreciate you very much and the time that you took to prepare your response. I am opening myself to the “beautiful balls of joy, light, and awareness” that are on the way. Blessings, J.L.O

Hi Dipali, I’ve really enjoyed reading your monthly astrology articles especially your article last month in August which I printed out and found very accurate on many levels. Thanks again, ~ A.

 Hi Dipali, You knew that I really needed to decompress after the session!!! I hung up the phone, took a few deep breathes and started to head down stairs and then was hit with a flood of tears, followed by a period of exhaustion (got back in bed), followed by feelings that i just had the best massage!! Amazing! Our session was sooo helpful to me. I was just feeling so confused with racing thoughts and a boat load of feelings --before the session! ~ A. B. (nurse)

Your reading (consultation) was perceptive, in depth and compassionate. Its' strange to have such an intimate conversation about your life with someone who seems to know you from the chart and never having met. ~P. P (film director /writer)

Wow, you were right on the dot. The challenges that I have been struggling with in my mind, you were able to put words to them. ~ Regards V. J.

 In the past few days, I have felt much lighter, more content and peaceful. On Monday morning, a friend of mine commented how I seemed so bright, energetic and positive…she wondered if I had a great weekend. I did have a great weekend…I felt like the session really impacted me…I felt a shift that has taken me to the beginning of the next level. Thank you!~ A.B.

You write with depth, beauty, affirmation. ~ Thank you

Thank you! This was definitely on target; you are so right in saying that when the “mood” or enthusiasm is there, I DO create/finish things, and can become organized with my projects. The examples of “fixed” energy that I use without realizing it as such were dead on. The information on the Soul Path is very useful, and helps me see this challenge for what it is rather than as an irrational failing. I love the specific suggestions at the end: Pause. Breath. Decide. Practice. Center. Thank you so much! (I’ll be telling my friends about this!)~ T.S.

Thank you Dipali.. By the way you are soo on the money.... it was awesome. I was prepared for everything that came my way. ~ B. M.

Thank you again for giving me a wonderful session a while ago... the consultation have no idea how much was really accurate and insightful. ~ M.W.

First of all what Guidance shared about my assistant-ship came right, I was very happy. As for the Relationship issue, you have been a great help and a wonderful guide during this tough time- I just would like to thank you. ~ R. T.

Hi! I just wanted to give you an update as to what we have talked about before. We have been discussing my love life for the longest time now and you've helped so much throughout this journey! You've strengthen my faith within myself, God (spirit, universe) and specially the angels and now the fruits of "our" labor has come and still coming!!! Thank you for the enlightenment and empowerment that you have provided for me. Knowledge is power but you've always taught me on how to use them positively. ~ M.B.

Please accept my deepest gratitude for being a pure channel in sharing Guidance that is always SO spot on. My life would have been much more difficult without you being a part of it. 

-- Dr. F.M. (doctor)

Thank you. Your response resonates with and reassures me!.-M.B.M.

I feel truly blessed to have you in my life, both as a teacher and as a fellow human on the path toward the One. You are always authentic in your manor and impeccable with the way you express yourself. You constantly uphold an example of mastery that I hope to emulate in my life walk. Thank you for your kindness and just for being who you are. -A.P.

Thank you so much for your gifts. ~ Namaste -A.D.

I want to take the time and thank you for your help! I understood everything you had to say in my reading. I was shocked that I got a lot more then what I paid for, and you got into details concerning my question. I want to Thank You! ~ Many Blessings

I just wanted u to know, I was in your mini session and you gave awareness and insight about a lesson. it was accurate. yes i got hurt..real bad... so spot on! ~ Thank you for your time.

Thank you so much! I was trying so hard to avoid all the things you talked about- but was doing a pretty good job of tap dancing around it so it sort of looked like I was paying attention. ~ C.H. (therapist)