The new sessions listed below are "openings or activations." They have not been offered until now, as now is the time for all to experience more of the beauty and grace of these ancient energies and frequencies. It is difficult to describe in detail the sessions, yet the best way is to experience them.

They are different than having support for "clearing energies" during energy balancing and healing sessions.

The Openings are like taking greater steps forward on your path of Self-Realization, Enlightenment and Expansion of Love Consciousness. They tend to lift and expand your energetic field and consciousness so you may experience a greater sense of your authentic Self/Soul/Spirit more easily.

They open a person up in various ways towards one's greatest potential on the path back to Source, where all have originated from. You may discover new things about yourself along the way.  It's like sparkling golden petals opening on a flower under the warmth of the radiant Sun. The energies and frequencies are beyond this Creation. And that of all of the many creations.

These energies and frequeinces Dipali brings through originate from a space (best way to describe it) where all have originated from, an Ancient energetic space that Dipali has the privilege to be a crystal clear channel for and has been initiated into working with again, as a part of her path of service work. Dipali feels it is an honor to offer these sessions as they are incredibly rich and profound in nature.

Each Opening is unique to the individual, animal, land, group of people etc. and their path with one common intention: to enlighten and expand Consciousness.

These sessions are already aligned in total harmony
with everyone's Essence of their Being/Spirit and Soul, enlightenment, their highest Spiritual potential and therefore does not require a person's permission to be given and does not interfere with free will as it is already attuned to highest levels. These amazing sessions are optimal for anyone; human, animal companions, children, elderly, land energy, groups of people and so forth.

You may purchase them as often as you feel guided. Each time you book the session(s) you will receive another "opening" which adds to or compliments previous ones, yet it is unique and opens energies up even more that is for expansion of Consciousness.

These sessions do not require a scheduled appointment and are offered remotely anywhere in the world. Dipali will tune in to Higher Guidance and then at the optimal timing transmit the energies for the opening(s). She will then email you upon completion. All you need to do is have the intention to receive the opening.

"Opening for Deeper Embodiment" 

Opening for greater and deeper embodiment in the physical aspect of life, the physical body and connection with the Earth. This helps with adding strength and the ability to materialize intentions more easily. 

"Opening for Clarity" 

Opening for expanded clarity in thought, clarity in feeling and clarity on all levels in various ways. Experience quietness and greater access to connect to new ideas flowing in from higher states of consciousness.

"Opening for Expanded Spacious Bliss"

Opening for experiencing greater spaciousness of bliss within one's being and access higher levels of feeling love and compassion. This helps with more gentleness, fluidity and grace as well as to materialize greater emotional intimacy within self, all of life and relationships. 

"Opening for Greater Connection to Essence of Your Being"

Opening for ease and grace in greater connection from the human aspect to the vastness of the Essence of your Being or Consciousness. There is more space created and clearer connection or bridging the gap between the two aspects into the Onenessand harmony of your true nature. This opening attunes you Spiritually to feel more of this connection effortlessly with minimal disruption.


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Purchase All 4 Sessions: $600.00 USD  

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Space Clearing Session 

Simple :: Clean :: Effective - for a Home, Apartment, Business and Land

When your space is energetically clear, it is like a a clean slate for you to be more productive, creative, feel less stressed, concentrate more deeply and access higher levels of clarity as well as healing. We start with your permission and a clear intention to do the work. It is possible for Spirits (non-physical) and other energies to be guided to move on and out of the space.

Dipali then facilitates a clearing of the energy in your space whether it is your home, work space (and property/land where possible, if you are a business owner; your business environment) she custom designs the space clearing session to the individual needs of the home, business and situation. She opens up to higher positive energies, cleanses and then does a blessing to help make your space sparkle and flow with vibrant energy. [This session can be done remotely anywhere in the world]

There are two basic parts plus Follow Up; 

Part 1: Reading of the Space/Your Energy in relation to the space, practical homework and recommendations to prepare for the space clearing and suggestions on decluttering or changing things to promote greater energetic flow in the space.

Part II:  Actual Energetic Space Clearing, Blessing of the Space and even the Land if needed. This session is designed to help stuck Energies, Spirits and and any beings to transition out of the space and or off the land if possible. Dipali will give some suggestions for aftercare.

Follow Up - Quick 10 minute check in after a week to see how the energetic flow is in the space.

Possible Additional Short Session after main Space Clearing:
Since each space, location, land is so unique and therefore there may be layers of energies accumulated. Not every space requires a short additional session as a 'clean up' yet it may be very helpful or in some cases required for the entire process and to restore harmony to a living or business space and or land. Dipali will receive guidance and let you know if this is the case.

Location Options:   

1.) Remote/Long Distance Session - Anyone can book this session from anywhere in the world! Energy work is beyond limitations of space/time and therefore works beautifully and precisely as if she was there in person. She will email you once the session is complete and follow up with any suggestions or insights if she receives them for you. -- With this option, it is a more "general" energy clearing and equally effective.

2.) By Referral Only - Dipali will drive to your physical house or business within 10 mile radius of Cherry Hill, NJ. With this option, this can be customized. For longer distance travel, please send an inquiry.

The final cost for this type of session with Dipali will be determined after a brief conversation and evaluation of: the depth of the work required and the amount of space and or land/property to be cleared and issues pertaining to your unique situation and space.

(Example: 1 room, 4 story (level) house, a big Estate with land, 1 Apartment with 2 rooms, large business space etc.) 

*For In Person Location - It is possible that a small travel fee may be added to the overall cost if you live further out from the radius of Cherry Hill, NJ

FEE(s):    Send an Email Request to Dipali. Include "Space Clearing Session" in Subject line and Inquire about the Fee(s).

Host an Evening of Messages or Goddess Gathering with Dipali

Host an Evening of Messages or A Goddess Gathering at Dipali's Office Suite in Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

Enjoy a tranquil healing environment, some hot calming tea and an enlightening time together. It will be a fun, inspirational and empowering time together.

Dipali will give a mini reading/bringing through messages in a public setting to whomever the message comes through for. It is a "Group Gallery Style" Event therefore, it may not be possible for everyone to receive a message depending on the size of the group. Everyone will receive something, whether it is insight, healing or deep sense of peace through hearing someone else's message. Spirit and the Universe works in miraclous ways and everyone will benefit in some form. 

(If private or sensitive information comes through during this event, Dipali will let the person know and they have the choice to book a private session to explore it further.)  

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Depending on her availablity within her schedule, Dipali may be booked to offer Readings to your Event location. ~~ Inquire for more details, fees etc. by email or phone

Simple guidelines:
- Must be 21 years and over

- No alcohol or recreational drugs prior to the event as this helps maintain the integrity of the energetic space of the readings during the event.

- This type of Gathering may be tailored for family and friends which includes both females and males upon request.

  • FEE:  Inquire by Email or Call Dipali's Office
  • Length: Two Hour Minimum  

  • Minimum of 4 people:  to maximum of 7 people
  • 50% Non-refundable Deposit required in advance to consider the Event Date reserved.
  • Remainder of Fee Due Upon Arrival: the rest of the 50% money is due upon arrival (exact cash only, no checks.)

Send an Email Request to Dipali for more details.
Include  - Interest in Hosting "An Evening of Messages" or  "Goddess Gathering" in Subject line