“Life brings unique experiences which
are designed to help one evolve. You
may go willingly or resist. In each
moment, life brings in what you need not
what the egoic mind expects or desires.
Through willingness,  resistance melts and
love appears like brillant sunbeams
bursting through the clouds of fear
and worry.”     ~Dipali

Upcoming Events:

September 5th - Finding the Stillness Within - Meditation Class

October 3rd - Finding the Stillness Within - Meditation Class

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Local Events: New Jersey

It is wonderful to be able to make available Spiritual Classes, Meditation, as well as support on the path of Awakening and Enlightenment to the local Cherry Hill, New Jersey area and through online classes and webinars. Yoga, at its essence is a way of life or living, combining the physical aspect of life with the non-physical or Spiritual dimension. It is more than a work out routine.

 NEW:  "Four Sacred Openings Session"  - Details and to Schedule



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