Some call Inspired Writing channeling, insightful messages, trans-mediumship or higher guidance. The writings shared below are transmitted through Dipali and given forth to those who feel the love, wisdom and truth energy within the words. Please use your own discernment when reading the information within this page. Take only what is of value and resonates deep within your heart and being.

"Ride upon the Wings of a Dove, glide gracefully, fly freely. Rest upon the Wings of a Dove, relax peacefully, sit quietly. So Bright, Pure and Innocent, the heart flutters. Awake Joy you are.. You and the Dove are One, let the beauty ignite your memory, let your lightness reveal itself. You are Consciousness, you are Soul so graceful in movement and already free. Search no more, for you have arrived."   ~ © Dipali Desai -

Inspired Message:

This message is a higher Consciousness perspective. If it resonates beautiful, if it does not, let it go.

Sense and feel the stretching that is occuring within Consciousness. What was in one form is moving and altering into another form. How one used to define life, relationships, success is also in the midst of altering and transforming. Layers upon layers are gently clearing away. Let the insight come to you rather than forcing the Quest to make sense. The challenge will be to trust in the stretching, altering and birthing of something quite special. Feel through the multi-layers of anxiety, worry, fear. Sit with faith and deepen trust. It is all possible now as there is tremendous access to be comforted and supported by all of Life and Creation. Everything feels different. Many feel exhausted. The Earth itself is playing a very unique and loving role in all of the changes taking place in this creation and beyond. Feel the magic. It is always alive in your being, heart and cells. Dance, smile, laugh. Encourage lightness and joy to express regardless of any other details. Honor it all. We honor you.

- Inspired Message - Channeled through Dipali.


Previous Written Inspired Messages:

The year 2016 vibrationally signifies potential for completion as well as the birthing of new experiences and frequencies. Consider this year ahead to have the potential for expanding Prosperity Consciousness. The represents finances yet beyond money it signifies each individual's potential to realize their true nature as Essence or Soul. Form will dissolve into formless. From the formless will emerge a new form. Remain detached and witness the beauty. There will be a tremendous concentration on health, wellness, precision as well as fine tuning to be efficient and effective on all levels. Anything is possible in the year ahead as there will be noticeable rapid movement in thought, communication and spreading information. Have integrity as to what type of message you are spreading and what signal you are sending out into life and the Universe. You will then receive whatever you are emitting. There will be moments in time through the year where certain situations and issues have a thick cloud of uncertainty around them. You could call it deception or an illusion. Some call it smoke and mirrors to distract away from the very core issue that requires change and transformation or healing.

A individual who remains empowered will know this is part of expanding awareness and will not go into blame or power struggle. An individual who operates from Victim Consciousness will blame the other for the deception. Ask yourself where you choose to express from. If you are being deceived, there is something you may not truly want to look. Or you have been given signals all along yet you chose to turn a blind eye. You see, taking responsibility for your part will help you instantly lift out of the fear-based cloud of dense energy and suffering and into higher states of awareness. You may then see a totally different picture of the situation and receive the Spiritual insight you need for your evolution. Faith is required to deepen. It is the egoic mind that is the one that needs to practice this, not Essence/Soul. It is the egoic mind that creates the gap between one's inherent Soul-level quality such as faith and itself. It is when the higher perception of the sixth energy center is holding distortions around Spiritual beliefs that one is unable to really "see" or "envision" the Truth of what is  occurring and unfolding. There is always tremendous potential, beauty and of course healing available as a new increment or cycle upon the Earth is initiated. Keep your aim upon that which is loving, empowering and joyous.

♥ - Inspired Message - Channeled through Dipali.

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