Instant - Guidance Session with Dipali using the Call Button
  • Read below the basics of Ether Call button.

  • If the button below says 'Call Me', she is available for phone session now or soon as she is finished with another call with a client.

  • If the button says 'Arrange Call' - schedule a consultation ahead of time. Good alternative to using for payment.

For Easier Dialing:

Toll Free Number:

Extension # 02566055

What is Ether Call Button?

Phone Consultation using Call Button

Fee: $55.00 USD   --- for 15 minutes 

Flat rate - NO hidden costs - Select length you desire for the session. 

Session begins with minimum of 15 minutes and is booked for another 15 min. up to the length you desire.

After the initial 15 minutes are finished, you will receive a prompt from Service which gives an option to either continue the session and pay for another 15 minutes thereafter or you may end the call.

*As you begin the call – Please state to Dipali the length of the session (15 min, 30 min, 45 min etc.) you are requesting. Why? This will help organize the time together. Remember, realistically a   15 minute session won’t cover every issue/question you have (especially if you have more than 1).

- You are in total control of the length you desire for the consultation to be. [ 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes ]

To Place Your Call with the ETHER.COM Call Button – Simple, Easy, Fast;
  1. Click on the Ether Call Button or Directly Dial the Toll Free Number and Extension # above

  2. Enter your personal information with

  3. will call Dipali and ask her to accept the call – when she is available or we can schedule a Instant Guidance session ahead of time

  4. will call you and then connect both you and Dipali and the session can begin

  5. is safe, secure and part of E-trust company – Good alternative to using for payment.


This call system for Phone Session is to a company called Its very simple,  easy to work with and Ether will handle connecting the call, so your phone number remains private. I’ve used this as an alternative for Clients who are also wanting to call from other Countries (Also: accepts calls from 22 other countries).

Note that it is a Toll Free Phone Number.

Your Phone Number and credit card details remains Private:
Only will know your phone number and credit card information, and they will keep all the information confidential. Dipali does not see the credit card number nor your telephone number. Also, is a division of Ingenio Inc.

What if Dipali’s Not Logged into
If Dipali is away, not logged in or with a client and she cannot take the call, Ether allows you to decide how long you are willing to wait for me to call you back.

If Dipali is already on a Phone Call with another Client, they will put you in line. Then you will be called by as soon as I have finished the previous call and am available to speak with you.

If for some reason our call is dropped, allows me to call you back to finish the prepaid minutes. If you have left over minutes you have pre-paid for you – and you as the Client have 48 hours to use them up before they expire.

If you still have questions in using this Feature contact Us.