Consultations and Events with Dipali are very unique and intricate in nature. No two consultations or events/meetings are the same. Everything is custom blended for the individual or group. The best approach is not to have fixed idea or expectation of what will happen, but rather an open heart and mind will activate extraordinary things and open to higher energies. Your willingness will invite a greater flow of guidance to offer fresh perspectives. Sessions are not "cold psychic" readings. You are the ultimate decision-maker of your life.

Important Information:

General Disclaimer:
Dipali Desai is not a doctor and will not and cannot diagnose or treat a medical condition. She does not make decisions for people especially related to health and or legal issues. Dipali suggests that when booking a Consultation/Session,  please come with an open mind and heart - free of expectations and that opens the doorway to so much more that can transpire. Your energy is a BIG part of the session, if you are closed off, overly skeptical or wanting her to prove things, then it will effect/influence the Session. If this is the case, then perhaps it is best you find someone else who is better able to suit your needs.

Appointment Details 

  • Please read the Policies

  • Read & agree to the simple 4 point New Client Awareness

  • How to best prepare for a session

  • Special Requests in scheduling international timezones - Contact Dipali if you prefer a consultation at a time not available on the schedule (on short notice, nights, or weekends). She will do her best to accommodate you. You may also inquire about other payment options other than using

Schedule Your Appointment:

Online/Internet: use Dipali's Online Booking System

By Phone:  
Office -
 1 (856) 229-7411

services (at) spheresofessence (dot) com


One to One Personal Guidance 

Fee   ::   More Information 

  • Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance
  • Ancestral Messages/Mediumship
  • Couple/Relationship 
  • Child/ren
  • Dream interpertation
  • Conscious Lifestyle mentoring
  • Business Consulting
  • Akashic Records

Astrological Consultations

Fee   ::   More Information 

  • Personal 
  • Couple or Relationship
  • Business
  • Birthday - general themes for the year ahead
  • Child/ren

Energy Balancing & Distance Healing

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- Tuning Fork Energy Tune up

- Indepth Energy Balancing 

- Distance Healing 

- Distance Healing for Pets


Fee   ::   More Information 

  • Private Meditation Instruction for Adults

  • Private Meditation Instruction for Teens

  • Expanding Awareness

Mini Email Consult/Reading 

Have a pressing question?  Would you like clarity into work, a personal issue or relationship and love? Purchase a Mini Email Reading           Response is type-written and sent by email providing important information as Dipali receives it from higher guidance.

Use Dipali's Online Booking System to Schedule & Pay

Ongoing Mentoring Package:

"PRESENCE" Monthly In-depth Intuitive Guidance
  - more info


  • Space Clearing 

  • Host a "Goddess Gathering" or "An Evening of Messages" - more info

  • Akashic Records Session

Session Location: 

Where the appointment takes place
  • In Person: This is generally the preferred way simply because of the face to face dialogue between Dipali and the client. This appointment will take place in the Cherry Hill Office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey USA.

  • Telephone: A good alternative to meeting in person. The client is responsible for any/all phone charges incurred during the session(s). Calls must be made from a land-line; cell phones will not provide a grounded experience for the consultation. Few exceptions may apply.

  • Internet/Online: Another good alternative to meeting in person. Geography is no barrier to have a consultation. If you have access to a computer Free Phone Calls are possible through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) programs like SKYPE, Yahoo Voice Messenger and MSN Messenger. Just sign up for one of their programs and the consultation takes place via audio/text instant messenger.

  • Distance Energy Balancing/Healing Sessions: [done remotely] Energy work is not bound within limitations of time/space or distance of location. So this session can be done at a mutually agreed time and date no matter where you are globally.