Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance and readings:

How will a One to One help you?  Whether you are facing a powerful life transition, encountering a pressing problem, stuck in a rut, feel unable to navigate through a challenging situation or you simply would like to accelerate on the path of self-discovery and evolution, a One to One Guidance Session with Dipali will help you make a shift in the best way possible. This type of session provides the clear space to help you move through these challenges and attune to fresh solutions to help you live your best life. You may also receive direction which may assist you to navigate consciously through transition, confusion and or various developmental cycles. Also, during a One to One guidance session, you may gain greater understanding of yourself, hidden patterns, conditioning and freedom from stagnant past issues.

Each day as the sun rises, the light sheds awareness and the splash of colors are uniquely different. Similarly, each session with Dipali is uniquely tailored for the individual or groups and can be considered as a space of meditation, dialogue, self-empowerment and exploration of who you really are – real Essence, Self or Soul. Dipali draws on her innate wisdom, intuitive and healing gifts to create individual consultations that facilitate your personal growth and transformation.

Your path with Grace and freedom helps you to soar to new heights. Consultations and sessions with Dipali are so much more than just information. Majority of the work that happens is on the non-physical/ energetic level. Dipali is a channel =of Love and Enlightenment is transmitted. This Spiritual Energy highly intelligent, wise and loving is an all encompassingTransmission is Grace from the Universe) naturally facilitates life changing shifts on all five levels (spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, physical levels) as well as ripples into other areas of life. Individuals often find themselves simply wanting to relax in the unique, peacefulness and feelings of being at ease often associated with the Enlightenment Transmission.

You will receive clear guidance and exploration into matters that are most important to you. There are various ways we can direct the One to One Session and tailor it to meet the needs of the individual(s).

Your spiritual/intuitive consultation with Dipali can explore many specific areas in your life; self-discovery, wellness and health, relationships, love, family, business, career, finances, spirituality, life path, healing, past lives, Ancestral Messages (messages from loved ones who have crossed over or transitioned from body into Spirit also known as Mediumship), working with child/dren, special gifts that you have brought into this lifetime and spiritual awakening.

Dipali works with diverse individuals from may walks of life both on an individual basis, relationships and groups. She has worked with leaders, business CEO's couples, parents, Spiritual seekers and devotees, and young adults. Dipali feels passionate about working with those who are seeking lasting change in one or many areas of life and those who are seeking their higher purpse and path in life.

Consultation Information:

For New Clients:

For New Clients:
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  • 60 minute Session: $180.00 USD
  • 90 minute Session: $250.00 USD
  • Per 30 minute increment thereafter: $90.00 USD

  • Returning Clients Only - may schedule a 30 minute Session: $90.00 USD

NOTE: 30 min. Session - covers 1 Topic and short questions around it or as much as time permits.

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