Dipali teaches on topics designed to help with the progress of the Soul, path of self-discovery and living a more radiant empowered life. Her intention in all of these events is to use her gifts of accurate insight, candor and humor to teach, inform and assist people to live an exceptional life and reclaim their empowerment.

She is available for private retreats, workshops, seminars and custom classes. 

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"As large and potent as the universe is outside, even so large and potent is the universe within our being. Within each of us are heaven and earth, the sun and moon, lightning and all the myriad of stars. Everything in the macrocosm is in this our microcosm" 

~ Upanishad

Is attending an Intensive or Spiritual Retreat with Dipali for you?

Is attending an Intensive or Spiritual Retreat with Dipali for you? Workshops, intensives and retreats that offer the teachings of this inspiring teacher and facilitator have unique features. Even though the themes of each meeting, there are similar threads or Universal key themes that weave through each meeting and they are: Emanating peace, love, expanded awareness and healing which is not always accessible to everyday people in the hectic pace of daily life. 

Dipali is a channel for Transmission of Enlightenment as well as other very highly refined frequencies, a highly intelligent, wise and loving Spiritual Energy. This energy helps individuals return to the peaceful presence within and be the spacious being they are. Dipali personally teaches the entire workshop, intensive, or retreat, with possible energy exercises, a meditation offered before or after class. 

She interacts with students in a down to earth manner, and views each as a Soul connected to the All of Life. Each experience within a workshop, intensive and or retreat is unique.

Each participant is encouraged to have a direct experience. It is suggested to come to these meetings with an open mind and heart free from expectations to receive the most from the experience. She shares cutting edge revelations that are given forth to her through higher guidance. Each meeting is custom blended for the participants that attend. 

Through expanded state of awareness and being in a space of no-mind (bringing the mind into silence), she is able to be a more clear accurate channel for higher guidance to present new information and insights.

Dipali chooses to work with smaller groups to ensure quality exchange and it also creates a more intimate teaching environment where students can ask questions and interact with her towards awakening, mastery and empowerment. Whatever the workshop, intensive or retreat a person is drawn to attending, have had life-changing experiences.

Most who have experienced these powerful workshops or intensives and have participated in their miracles, express heart-felt feedback that the meetings with Dipali being one of a kind. You feel as if you are at ease, peaceful and within the spaciousness of the Sacred heart.

Those who are drawn to Dipali's classes, workshops, intensives or Spiritual retreats, are those who wish to be on the accelerated train of evolution, moving swiftly with Grace and ease that naturally happens with those experiencing the Enlightenment Transmission. Those who desire to move at a slower rate, will gravitate towards other teachers, techniques and teachings.

Do you want to be free of the illusions of the false identity? Would you like to live your potentials and reclaim your empowerment? Join us in the Mystery, beauty and Grace of the Unknown and the Divine...

Join us in the mystery, beauty, and the unknown of Divine Grace helping each to effortlessly flow within the moving currents of life.


Begins on:  April 21st, 2016 through June 22nd, 2016 

"Growing Beyond the Borders of Old Beliefs" - INTENSIVE , a 2 Month Program with Dipali 

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