During an Astrology Consultation/Reading with Dipali: it is an exploration of your real Self as Soul/Consciousness, in the form of a Dialogue with Dipali. You are invited to ask questions related to the nature of life, challenges and any personal issues you may have. To make the best use of the session, it is helpful to be prepared with a focus or questions concerning your personal and spiritual growth. This branch of astrology and guidance session does not focus upon predictions, but rather will give insight and information for you to live your best life according to your highest potential.

Transformative Astrology:

What is Transformative Astrology? Transformative Astrology acknowledges each as evolving beings on their path to actualizing their Soul's (higher) potentials. It serves as a guide enabling us to move more purposefully with the changes in our lives. With this flexibility, we can adapt, adjust and expand our awareness with fewer limitations. What we discover with transformative astrology is that while working with the developmental processes, there emerges our own uniqueness of who we are and what we may contribute back to humanity.

Astrological Counseling Session often focus on support to:

  • Acknowledge your real or authentic self
  • Navigate current cycles of opportunities, healing and challenges
  • Deepen your awareness of current relationship processes

Personal  & Relationship Charts:

Natal Chart:

Who am I? What is my purpose? What are my potentials? Which life lessons am I here to learn and grow from? These questions are more can be addressed in this Consultation The natal chart is the vision of the sky at the moment of birth, a cosmic picture that serves as the foundation for all other charts. This chart also provides us with the knowledge of our Soul's choices coming into this world and who we really are. It can help us find out why we are here, where to channel the energies,and how to apply them in a practical way. 

(90 minute session)

  • Natal Chart Session (90 min) - $250.00 USD

  • Natal Chart Session Packet - $250.00 USD
  •  Packet Includes:  
  • Recording of Session
  • Copy of Natal Chart
    Shipping and handling charges within USA (you will be given the cost upfront)
Transits Chart: [periodic updates also known as Trends]

In times of change, transition. What's happening in my life now and what do I need to pay attention to? Where are the planets now in the sky in relation to your Natal Chart? Let's take a look at themes and issues that are happening or will soon to happen in your life now. Working together we can clarify the rhythm and length of a cycle of development, Dipali will suggest some strategies on how to address the issues. So you can grow with ease rather than get stuck. Any current trends and patterns that are unfolding would appear in this Chart. To tap into the highest potential and utilize the best of the cycles or activations having a regular Transit Chart Consultation is highly beneficial. It is suggested, to make best use of the session to be prepared with an Intention, focus or questions concerning your personal and spiritual growth. 

(available as 60 minute, 90 minute or 2 hour session)

Monthly Astrological Coaching:

After the initial (Natal) astrology consultation, this session combines intuitive and astrological insights - it serves to go indepth in a particular area or issue regarding your life or a present time astrology cycle. This type of consultations offers an ongoing monthly awareness into effective strategies for improving, offering support or guidance in your life and relationships using astrological cycles as a reference point.

This type of consultation can be schedule each month for 30 or 60 minutes in length and is available for returning Clients only.

 Solar Return Chart:

Give yourself a valuable Birthday Gift!  This is a "yearly Birthday Reading.
"Solar Return is when the sun comes back to the natal position when you were born, and this is considered a sacred event. The chart offers the key themes for the upcoming year and what areas may be highlighted for development. It is an insightful chart, one that helps you navigate the upcoming year. Each Solar Return chart is unique, yet each Solar Return chart is holistically interconnected and builds on one another.

(available as a 60 or 90 minute session)

Progressed Chart:

This chart indicates more of the "inner" deeper personal processes each of us goes through. The (secondary)Progression is a subtle energy movement of your natal chart. It's your maturity process. There are times in your life when you are challenged in order to grow and expand. These undercurrents acting throughout your daily journeys can be seen in this Chart.

(60 minute session)


'Bundle of Joy, Baby's Light' or Child's Chart:

For newborns and toddlers or young children...
One of the most unique gifts you can give to any parent is this audio tape and a keepsake chart. The session entails detail, of a child's strengths, talents and abilities as well as potential life challenges in development. This will also assist parents on how their child may perceive and relate to his parents. A most valuable tool in any parent's toolbox. 

(60 minute session)

Only through constant interaction and integration within relationships, can we truly become aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Our lives consist of variety of relationships with: self, parents, children, potential marriage partner, life partners, colleagues, friends, associates, pets, business partners, siblings etc. Each contact brings us a possibility of learning more about ourselves as well as others and assists us to build better foundation of right human relations. The following Relationship charts suggest points of focus to bring more balance as well as suggests positive ways of making a relationship work with more harmony.
Synastry Chart: "Our Chemistry Together"

This chart shows us how we see the "other" person in any kind of relationship, providing a deeper perspective on both smooth and challenging interactions between individuals. Synastry provides information about how prospective and existing partners will interact emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This knowledge can be helpful in understanding and learning to tolerate differences in the way people behave in a relationship. In turn, this helps partners to be more compassionate toward each other, and to adopt more realistic expectations of the relationship. This would be useful for both intimate and business relationships.

Composite Chart: "Our Relationship Itself"

When two people become involved in any kind of relationship, they form a third entity. This is chart is the actual relationship itself. The chart focuses on the relationship between any combination of "two or more beings" giving each person a deeper sense of the dynamics of the relationship itself. Composite chart is suitable for people already engaged in a relationship (romantic, marriage, business partner, etc). This chart assists in discovering the relationship's actual nature, purpose and potentials and how the couple responds to the world.

Consultation Information:


  • 60 minute Session: $180.00 USD

  • 90 minute Session: $250.00 USD

  • 2 hour Session $490.00 USD

  • Per 30 minute increment thereafter: $90.00 USD

Session Packet Mailed to You: add $6.00 USD to Consultation Fee (within USA)

Returning Clients Only - may schedule a 30 minute Session: $90.00 USD

NOTE: 30 min. Session - covers 1 Topic and short questions around it or as much as time permits.

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Recording: Audio Tape/CD information

As a part of an Astrology Consultation, a high quality recording by Cassette Tape, CD, or Mp3 audio file of the session is considered courtesy and is not included in the Consultation Fee. 

Every tape, CD, Mp3 file is tested before every consultation. Even though precautions are taken, tapes sometimes fail. The Mp3 file is uploaded to secure server and kept in a password protected area to ensure privacy, this is another courtesy as a part of the Consultation.

The Recording of the Session (by tape, CD or mp3 file) is not guaranteed. To maintain your privacy, there are no duplicates made. You are most welcome to make a backup recording of your consultation.

Session Packet Information - Shipping & Handling

  • Mail Session Packet to your residence within the USA - Cost: $6.00 USD

  • If a Packet (The chart plus a tape or CD) needs to be mailed to you (by regular mail) there is a Shipping and Handling charge of $6.00 USD per packet.

  • Extra Weight: If the Packet has more than 1 CD, an additional $1.00 will be added to the overall Fee.
  • Rush Delivery: For rush mail delivery, the client pays for the extra cost of shipping
  • International Mail: Inquire by Email for the cost of shipping (varies depending on the package weight and country).